Le Premier de Valmy 2020 75 cl

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Le Premier de Valmy 2020 75 cl

IGP Côtes Catalanes / Red wine


A powerful and fleshy wine
On the nose, nice notes of roasting, vanilla and licorice.
In the mouth, slightly peppery and spicy notes with volume in the mouth, roundness and length.

To be served at 17-19°C with oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, osso-bucco, lamb with thyme, civet, mature cheeses.

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17 ° – 19 ° C

Bottles per year

20,000 bottles

Grape varieties

Grenache noir, Mourvèdre, Syrah


45 HL / Ha

Food and wine pairings

Red meat, prime rib, stews

Couleur / Type



IGP Côtes Catalanes




10-12 years


The vines

  • On plot selection where the berries of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache noir are the most concentrated and which we have learned to recognize over the years, are used in the development of this cuvée.
  • The vines are the subject of special attention. Maturation is followed precisely until the appearance of the first berry wilting which triggers the harvest.
  • The bunches are subject to a first sorting on the plot and are transported to the cellar in the box where a second manual sorting is carried out.

Winemaking and aging

  • The production of this cuvée is based on three harvests, one per grape variety, due to their differences in precocity.
  • As for the other vintages aged in oak barrels, the macerations are carried out in a traditional way and last around four weeks. They are monitored daily through tastings provided by the cellar master.
  • All the volumes are placed in new barrels at the end of alcoholic fermentation.
  • The aging lasts about 18 months in French oak barrels exclusively. The final blend is decided after a tasting where only the most interesting components are selected. After bottling, the wine is aged for at least one year in the bottle before being put on the market.