The Treasure of Valmy 50 cl

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The Treasure of Valmy 50 cl

Natural Sweet Wines / Natural Sweet Wines


Rivesaltes Hors d’Age

A touch of intuition, a touch of certainty, a handful of daring, a little luck and a sea of patience. This is the key to our treasure.

The treasure is a concentrate of aromas as varied as they are bewitching such as candied citrus zest, acacia flowers, dried fig, undergrowth …

At the table this exceptional wine can find its place by putting a trilogy of foie gras with candied onions for example.

A true call to relaxation, this wine can be accommodated with a few dry cakes during a gourmet four hours with the scent of travel and escape …

Food and wine pairing As an aperitif, its favorite area! On a half-cooked Foie gras for a velvety accord, Blue cheeses the subtle sweet-salty accord, Fruit salad and sorbets a touch of freshness, rousquille and the crunch of St Paul with Catalan accents of course!

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Additional information

Operating temperature

10 – 12 Degree

Food and wine pairings

Foie Gras, Parsley cheeses, praline desserts, as a digestif

Couleur / Type

Sweet Wines


Grape varieties : Grenache Blanc and Muscat petits grains.

Breeding : in oak barrels for 14 to 16 years in oak barrels.