The Treasure of Valmy 50 cl

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The Treasure of Valmy 50 cl

Natural Sweet Wines / Natural Sweet Wines


Rivesaltes Hors d’Age
Dense yellow color with brown reflections.
A bit of intuition, a touch of certainty, a handful of audacity, a little luck and a sea of patience!
On the nose, the treasure is a concentrate of aromas as varied as bewitching as candied citrus peel, acacia flowers, dried fig, undergrowth.
In mouth, volume and aromatic power.

At the table this exceptional wine can find its place by putting a trilogy of foie gras with candied onions for example.
A true call to relaxation, this wine can be served with a few dry cakes during a gourmet four-hour meal with the scent of travel and escape.

To be served chilled at 10-12°C with a semi-cooked Foie gras for a soft harmony, blue cheeses for a subtle sweet-salty harmony, fruit salad and sorbets for a fresh touch, the rousquille and the crunchy St Paul with Catalan accents of course, or as an after-dinner drink, its favourite domain!

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10 – 12 Degree

Food and wine pairings

Foie Gras, blue-veined cheeses, praline desserts, as a digestive

Couleur / Type

Sweet Wines

Bottles per year


Grape varieties

White Grenache, Muscat à petits grains


Rivesaltes amber wine out of age


For life



  • Disbudding, removal of part of the foliage on one side of the row so that the grapes ripen in good conditions.
  • The harvest is triggered when the sugar content of the berries reaches 15% Vol.
  • They take place at the end of August, in the morning, to bring the freshest grapes to the winery.

Winemaking and aging

  • Aged in oak barrels for over 10 years in Solera.
  • Method of aging wine that consists of stacking barrels on several heights.
  • The wine at the end of the maturation process, destined to be packaged, is racked and the quantity of wine removed is replaced by that of the two barrels located above.