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These parcels were created after clearing a small hill overlooking the maturation storehouse and the rest of the vineyard. They are small plots covering a little over an acre each. High-density planting was chosen, like at the great French vineyards of Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Wine production and maturation

A fermenting room has been adapted for the production of small batches of wine made from harvests of 3,300 to 4,400 lbs. The harvest begins once a tasting of the berries determines that the skins and seeds have fully ripened. It is typically the final harvest at Valmy, occurring in early October. The crops are transported in 30-pound creates to the maturation storehouse and then hand-sorted, after which the stalks are separated and the grapes lightly treaded.

A traditional maceration process of approximately four weeks is applied. It is monitored daily through tastings by the cellar master. Maturation takes roughly one year, aged in French oak barrels. The final blend is determined by tasting, and only the best barrels are used. After bottling, the wine matures for a year before being released to market.

Tasting notes

The mouthfeel is the expression of a blend of Southwestern French varietals, which add freshness and power to the Albera terroir, which is known for its wines with velvety tannins.