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Our Grenache Blanc parcel was planted in 1998, Viognier in 2000, and Roussane in 2006. Each parcel covers approximately 2.5 acres. The choice of Grenache Blanc was based on its proven adaptability to Roussillon’s terroir. The choices of Viognier, first, and then of Roussane – two varietals from the Rhône Valley – were a technical response to the Carbonnell Family’s expectations and concern for producing a quality, aromatic white wine. This wine is labeled a Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes, because Viognier is not part of the specifications for white Côtes du Roussillon wines.

Wine production and maturation

The harvest takes place at the break of dawn so that the grapes picked are as cool and fresh as possible. The period begins when the berries, gilded by the summer sun, “drip well.” This wine is made from three harvests, one per varietal. The grapes are transported in 30-pound crates, then hand-sorted at the maturation storehouse. The stalks are separated from the crop, and the berries are delicately pressed in a pneumatic press, which is the most modern, best-quality pressing system available. The juice is tasted and selected from under the press. Approximately one-half of the volume is made into wine in French oak barrels. The maturation process lasts roughly six months. Each barrel is stirred (suspending the fine lees using a small, stainless steel rod) several times a week throughout the fall and into the start of springtime. The final blend is determined by tasting, and only the highest quality of ingredients is used. After being bottling the following May/June, the wine matures for a year before being released to market.

Tasting notes

The wine is pale gold in color, with discreet glints of green and an attractive brightness. The nose combines notes of exotic fruit with hints of white flowers and mild spices. Sweetness with a touch of vanilla dominates the first impression on the palate. Body and aromatic persistence are characteristic of the flavor balance of this wine, with its Mediterranean overtones.

Ambient temperature 10° - 12° C
Production 7 000 bottles
Encepment Grenache blanc, Viognier, Roussane
Hl / Ha 35
Food and wine pairings Fish cooked on the grill or in sauce, viandes blanches, fromage
Appellations Côtes Catalanes
Type de vin Vin Blanc