Coffret bois magnum Premier de Valmy

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The plots and sections of plots with the highest concentrations of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache Noir berries, which we have learned to recognize over the years, are used in the making of this wine. Special attention is given to the vine stock: some years, we need to adjust the cluster weight significantly, and the leaves are thinned around the grapes to improve their ventilation during periods of increased humidity. Ripening is closely monitored until the first berries begin to wither, at which point the harvest phase begins. The clusters are initially sorted directly in the vines and transported to the maturation storehouse, where a second hand-sorting then occurs.

Wine production and maturation

This wine is made from three harvests, one per varietal, due to their differences in earliness. As with our other oak barrel-aged wines, the maceration follows a traditional process lasting approximately four weeks. It is monitored daily through tastings by the cellar master. A portion of the volume is placed in new barrels at the end of alcoholic fermentation. Maturation takes roughly one year, aged exclusively in French oak barrels. The final blend is determined by tasting, and only the most appealing of components are used. After bottling, the wine matures for at least one year before being released to market.

Tasting notes

The wine’s color is a bold red. Its nose is powerful, with hints of roast coffee, vanilla and licorice, contributed by the Syrah. On the palate, the Grenache Noir expresses itself through slightly peppery notes, while the Mourvèdre and the Syrah bring high-quality tannins and body to the wine’s balance.

Appellations Côtes Catalanes
Type de vin Vin Blanc