The Castel

Portrait of property

It was built between 1888 and 1900 by the Danish architect Viggo Dorph Petersen. His glazed tiles, white walls and turrets give free rein to dreams and fairy tales ...

The sight:
The castle, built on the boxes against the Albères, offers a breathtaking 360 ° view of our vineyard, the sea, the plain of Roussillon and the Pyrenees ...

The park:
A forest of beech trees will welcome you at the opening of the gate of the castle park, an invitation to walk ...

The Swimming Pool:
This majestic and contemporary 25m pool designed granite fits perfectly in the authentic setting of the castle. Splendid views, calm and serenity invite you to relaxation.

The relaxation pool:
Overlooking the pool, a relaxing moment not to be missed ...


A place apart

This magnificent chateau with its unreal white facade, backed up against the Albères massif and looming over the Mediterranean, is today one of the jewels of the Côte Vermeille, renowned for its audacious aestheticism, the quality of its wines and its exceptional chambres d'hôtes.

Valmy would no longer exist were it not for the energy of husband and wife team, Martine and Bernard Carbonnell. Thanks to their drive and passion, Valmy, a chateau with such a prestigious past, has been reborn for a third time. Within its astonishing setting, everything has been thought out so that it is a most harmonious and pleasant place to live, bearing witness to the past but turned resolutely toward the future.

Martine and Bernard Carbonnell understood well how to give life again to this splendid chateau, and transformed it into a family home with luxury chambres d'hôtes. At the heart of their wine domain, at the gateway to the Côte Vermeille in Roussillon, this unique place will enchant you.

Martine and Bernard Carbonnell understood well how to give life again to this splendid chateau, and transformed it into a family home with luxury chambres d'hôtes. At the heart of their wine domain, at the gateway to the Côte Vermeille in Roussillon, this unique place will enchant you.

Come and discover Chateau Valmy at Argelès-sur-mer in the Pyrénées-Orientales!

A family saga

It all began in 1888 with Jules Pams, a brilliant young lawyer from Perpignan and son of a family of maritime merchants from Port-Vendres who liked politics and wine. That year he married Jeanne Bardou-Job, the rich heiress of a cigarette paper manufacturer. She became Madame Pams and built Valmy in the place of an eighteenth century dwelling, the Mas d'En Frère, in the middle of 80 hectares of oak trees and vines, backing up against the Albères massif and looming over Argelès.

Jules Pams had a brilliant political career and obtained the much-coveted post of Minister of Agriculture in 1911. In this post, he promoted laws governing vins doux naturels and the appellations d'origine. He was also an ambassador for the wines from his own cellar to the most prestigious tables in the world, notably those of the King of England and Tsar Nicolas II... On his death, the claimants on Valmy and its prestige were numerous, but this home with its heavy financial commitments forced more than one to back away. Finally, Victor Peix fell in love with Valmy and, believing in its potential, he decided in under an hour: Valmy would be his domain.

Born into a modest family, he took over the distillery where his father worked and developed it brilliantly. He even created two factories in Algeria. At the end of the Great War, he bought a whole fleet of army lorries and organized the collection of marc to be distilled directly at the winemakers.
The idea was revolutionary and his business prospered.
He could then buy Valmy.

He speculated on quality, put the chateau's image on labels under the VALMYA brand, and built new cellars down from the chateau. He was a great innovator in the wine world and commercialized his wines all over France thanks to the railways.

His glorious years are recorded in a book that bears precise witness to the entire adventure; it's a veritable chronicle of his achievements. Bernard Carbonnell, his grandson, gets it out today with pride and respect.

After the death of Victor Peix in 1952, his widow Jeanne took over the reins of the domain and continued to commercialize its VALMYA vins doux naturels. The winemaking property continued to know its hours of glory and fame and remained prosperous until 1980. Then began the long decline of Valmy, the ground lay fallow, the cellars closed and Valmy slept for 15 years...

The renaissance

In 1997 Bernard Carbonnell - grandson of Victor Peix - wanted to take up the flame. Having succeeded brilliantly in the world of real estate, he decided to bring Valmy to life again and, with passion, he put everything into the project. He decided to take in hand the restoration of this magnificent family home.

He thought that Valmy should once again be a wine domain, as it had been during its glory years. For him, there was one rule: go for excellence, for quality, both in terms of the infrastructure and the team.

he domain's vines were replanted one by one and laid out tier by tier on the reconstructed terraces. The cellar has been entirely restored and equipped with the latest technology.

The chateau has been totally refurbished under the direction of architect and friend Alain Marty. The decoration and layout, creation of furnishings, aesthetic choices and signs, was entrusted to Osez Vint'Age, under the supervision of Martine Carbonnell. The choice of materials and colours was entrusted to Monsieur Henri Quinta, Comteroux.

After three years of both meticulous and major works, the family home of Martine and Bernard Carbonnell and their two daughters Anaïs and Clara now offers clients the chance to stay in the chateau in one of its five magnificent chambres d'hôtes.

After years of effort, the result is sumptuous; Valmy has rediscovered all its pomp of yesteryear. Bernard Carbonnell still has other big projects in mind. Untiringly, he's thinking about his two daughters who will soon join him in this adventure, which is far from being over. To be continued...

The event, with Vall Maria function room and landscaped garden of 3000m2 offering a magnificent view of sea and vineyards. A pergola, a gazebo, up to 160 people seated round table in an elegant and comfortable room with balcony and canopy. To be continued...