Spa Rituals

Oriental Ritual (1 hr): €89
Black soap scrub + 30-min oil massage

West Indies Ritual (1 hr): €89
Vanilla brown sugar scrub + 30-min oil massage

Polynesian Ritual (1 hr): €89
Flower petal crystal scrub + 30-min oil massage

Special Double Ritual Package: €159


Voyage to the Orient (90 min): €109
Black soap scrub + 1-hr oil massage

Voyage to the West Indies (90 min): €109
Vanilla brown sugar scrub + 1-hr oil massage

Voyage to Polynesia (90 min): €109
Flower petal crystal scrub + 1-hr oil massage

Special Double Voyage Package: €199


California Massage: relaxing and anti-stress

This gentle massage envelops the whole body, using smooth, slow movements in tune with your breathing, to help you let go and sink into complete physical and mental relaxation.

Perfect for unwinding and easing your tension!

Swedish Massage: invigorating and dynamic

The masseur’s invigorating touch will melt your tension away while firming up your muscles. It will also stimulate your blood flow and lymphatic circulation, while eliminating toxins from your body. The end result will be a boost in your energy.

Perfect for muscle preparation and recovery and for people whose energy and tone are declining!

40-min massage: €59 - 1-hr massage: €69